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Nantucket Auto Detailing: How to Remove “Nantucket Pinstripes”

August 16, 2017
ACK auto detailing

The culprit of the infamous “Nantucket Pinstripes”

“Nantucket pinstripes” is the term coined for any car on-island that has received light scratches from the bushes that line the narrow beach roads of the island.

While some scratches can be deep and require more professional on-island Nantucket auto detailing, often times most Nantucket pinstripes can be successfully buffed out at home with a little time and effort. In this blog post we’re going to show you the steps you can take to remove light scratches from your car’s paint and get back out onto the roads of Nantucket in style!
It’s a good idea to establish the depth of the scratches on your vehicle before you begin any type of scratch removal process.  In most cases your car should have 4 main layers; a clear coat, color primer and steel. If the scratch is only as deep as the clear coat or color, it will be much easier to remove and won’t require the services of a professional auto detailing service.


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